Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ottawa Hockey Legends

Ottawa Senators - Modern

Craig Billington - A true student of the game, Craig Billington went from top prospect, to starter, to backup to Patrick Roy's goalie coach.

Darcy Loewen - Darcy Loewen was one of many hard working, fan favorite, but not overly good Ottawa Senators from the expansion years.

Ron Tugnutt - Best remembered for his 70 save night as a Nordique, Ron Tugnutt set the modern day NHL record for season GAA in Ottawa.

Ottawa Senators - Original

Clint Benedict - Praying Bennie was the statistically dominant goalie of the early NHL. He backstopped the Ottawa Senators to the NHL's first dynasty, and wore the very first goalie mask in NHL history.

Bill Beveridge - Bill Beveridge is a long forgotten goaltender of a long forgotten team. There's not many people around anymore that saw the Montreal Maroons play.

Punch Broadbent - Punch Broadbent was one of National Hockey League's early great goal scorers.

Sprague Cleghorn - A great defenseman, history will always remember Sprague Cleghorn as the baddest man in all of hockey..

Alec Connell - Known as the "Fireman" simply because he was actually a fireman in addition to a hockey player, Alec Connell also put out the fire of opposing NHL sharpshooters.

Jack Darragh - Ottawa born and bred, Jack Darragh was the scoring hero in back to back Stanley Cup championships in 1920 and 1921.

Frank Finnigan - Compared by one source as the Michael Peca of his day, "The Shawville Express was a rugged two way forward.

Percy Lesueur - Peerless Percy was the first great goaltender in Ottawa history.

Ottawa Silver Seven

Cyclone Taylor - Best known with Ottawa and Vancouver. , the Cyclone was hockey's first national superstar, he excelled at all positions except goal.


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